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Believe it or not, I know why you have landed here today. Although, I don't know how you made it here, you too are here because you want to get fit to ride..

Like many equestrians you are in search of improvement on your horse, no matter what discipline or level of equestrianism you consider yourself at.


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Personal Training Dressage Adaptation

Through your previous attempts to find the information in the topic of fitness for riding, you will have discovered like I did that there’s a distinct lack of health and fitness programs designed with the Equestrian Athlete in mind. There have been very few strength and conditioning coaches who have taken the physical demands of the equestrian sport seriously.

Riding is a very demanding sport on the body, where nearly all major muscle groups are put under stress and need to maintain a certain position for some time. No matter what your discipline, i.e. Show Jumping, Cross Country, Dressage or Jockey, fitness plays a very important part.

Lack of fitness does not only result in soreness and muscle strain at a time when you need to be at your peak, but it can contribute to lower scores or even accidents when your body doesn’t respond precisely when you need it to, or starts to collapse with fatigue throwing off your horse’s balance.

A competitive adult rider should be engaging in cross-training activity three to four times per week for 60 to 90 minutes. The goals of training should include core strength, muscle strength balancing and symmetry, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. A non-competitive adult should be engaged in physical activity on a daily basis for 30 to 60 minutes. Additionally, your program should take your specific requirements as an individual into account.

Our aims are to improve mobility, core stability, postural alignment, cardiovascular fitness and create a oneness with your horse.

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