Equestrian Fitness Jumpers

Equestrian Jumpers are a rare breed. This sport involves many aspects of performance, including strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, flexibility, and endurance. Training to maximize performance in all these areas simultaneously is a difficult task.


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Rider Core, Stride and Rhythm

A well-designed Equestrian Fitness program can work wonders...

Jumping over fences? This requires the rider to elevate their entire core with a horses stride and rhythm. The dynamic power that an equestrian jumper has to produce in their lower core can be practiced in work outs.

The balance coming in and releasing out of your center with the horse, is much easier when both balance and stability training are practiced off the horse. Giving the shorter stirrups, a jumper rider must make sure their lower body has the elasticity to rise above without falling off balance.

All clients familiarize themselves with the basic position exercises and biomechanics workouts. Develop skills and you can prep your position to stabilize. This program is to help all riders achieve their personal best.

Not showing or training for competition, even better. You get to have a more relaxed lifestyle with a horse and if that’s you preference, don’t discount getting in shape for your horse. More than likely a bond has occurred with you and your horse. You want the best for his health and fitness.

Working out regularly will help you self support on your horses back, giving him time to develop himself without having to compensate for your loss of balance here or there. It only takes one bad step and a horse can go lame. Don’t take any chances, get fit to ride.

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