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Working out can enhance any equestrian discipline because it improves the rider’s overall fitness and coordination, and results in a seat that is independent of the reins. A fit rider allows the horse to perform better and without interference.


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Flexibility, Balance and Cardiovascular Stamina

A well-designed strength training program can work wonders...

Equestrians who adopt and maintain an exercise routine get many perks, conditioning, building strength, flexibility and endurance have huge confidence benefits and create body awareness — knowing where you are in space. All are necessary for equestrian sports.

Building strength in the arms, legs and upper body using resistance training with hand weights, and stretching exercises to promote flexibility. The more you work out, the stronger you will be.

Yet, despite the benefits, many equestrians are reluctant to view exercise without a horse as relevant to their success. “The key to getting equestrians engaged is to prove to them that fitness will actually improve the quality of their rides.When riders have limited upper body and core strength, they’re out of balance. And when they’re out of balance, their horses are, too.

Spend a little time understanding how to train optimally for the demands of your sport and you will reap the rewards on the trail or in the arena!

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