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A compreshensive golf and fitness program

Did you Know …

Performance declines at a rate of 2% per year through the age of 80.
Strength training provides a 24% increase in speed and an average reduction of 4 shots off of a golfer’s handicap.
Bone density and muscle mass begin to decrease at the age of 30.
A survey of 1,000 golfers showed that there is an injury rate significantly higher in golfers over the age of 50 (65%) than in golfers younger than 50 (58%).
63% of amateur golfers have a loss of posture-which affects ALL aspects of a swing.
50% of amateur golfers will experience lower back injury related to golf at some point in their lives.
22 muscles are used to create speed in a single swing alone.

My goal is to accomplish your goal: a reduced handicap, more distance, precision, stamina, flexibility and reduced pain. We take a different approach, not a more complicated approach. A golf-specific approach.

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