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  • reps and sets
    Sets and Reps

    To Match Your Training Goals

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  • Sliding Disc Workouts
    Sliding Disc Workouts

    Add These Movemenst to Your Workouts

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  • 5 minute workouts
    5 Minute Mini Workouts

    Add a Few Minutes Each Day

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  • Tight Hips Knee Pain
    Tight Hips and Knee Pain

    Hip Flexor Psoas (pronounced so-az) Muscle

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  • Increase VO2 Max with HIIT
    Increase VO2 Max with HIIT!

    High Intensity Interval Training

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  • Weight Loss Stops
    What to do if Weight Loss Stops

    Check these 5 things

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  • Calculate Max VO2
    The Flick Equation

    VO2 = Q X A-VO2 DIFF

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  • why hire a fitness coach
    Why Hire a Fitness Coach

    10 Reasons and Fitness Coaching

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  • weight training basics
    Weight Training Basics

    FITT | Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type

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  • portion control
    Conjugate Training System

    Absolute Strength, Explosiveness, Speed, Agility

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  • Strength Training Kids
    Strength Training and Kids

    Benefits of Strength Training for Kids

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  • Interval Training
    Tabata Interval Training

    The Tabata Benefits of Interval Training

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